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Ninja Run Up and Down

About Ninja Run Up and Down


Become a ninja with amazing skills in Ninja Run Up and Down. You will use your skills to dodge all the enemies along the way. Can you complete the mission?

You will control a ninja on two different paths. You will press the up arrow to change lanes. If the enemy is running on one path, you will have to move to another path to avoid chugs. If your character touches an enemy, he loses one life. When you run out of lives, the game is over. You need to react quickly before hitting the enemy. Let's collect the coins along the way. They will help you. Can you conquer this endless game? The further you run, the more points you get. Let's clear all records! Besides this game, we also provide other games such as Command Strike FPS, Shopping Mall Tycoon, Basket Random, FNF Mods, Drop Guys: Knockout Tournament, etc.

Game control

  • Press the up arrow to change the sides
  • The space bar to attack enemies.