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ONO Card Game

About ONO Card Game


ONO Card Game is the perfect way to play this venerable and fun card game online. You can use this version wherever and whenever you like for free! What else are you waiting for? Join the fun right now!

Nothing beats playing ONO at home while unwinding with friends and family. The difference with this version is that you can play it whenever you're alone yourself and feel like it, even throughout your commute. In the online multiplayer mode, you can choose to play against the computer or against 2, 3, or 4 other people. Your objective is entertaining and simple! Simply toss out all of your cards before the other players. You start out with seven cards. The card at the top of the discard pile must be replaced by a card that has the same number or colour. You can draw another card from the draw pile until you find one if you don't already have one that does. You could also use action cards to help you win the game. If you have a little talent and good fortune, you can win the game rather easily.

How to play

A mouse is needed to play this game.