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Parking Fury 3D Beach City


About Parking Fury 3D Beach City


Parking Fury 3D Beach City is a fun driving game, take the wheel and explore the lovely seaside city while completing multiple objectives.

The newest game in the popular skill game series is ready and waiting for you! Challenge the police while showing your parking skills, are you up for the challenge? You are one of the best thieves in the state. You collect sports vehicles and trade them with the crowd. However, you must be cautious during this time. Countless police cars! Start stealing now if you are sure you can succeed.

Play this amazing driving game to test your parking skills! The beautiful colorful 3D graphics and car simulation concept of the game will amaze you. Hold tight for impending takeoff! In this fun game you have to quickly park your car in the designated spot. There are 10 different difficulty levels in the store for you to join.

Each level has a dedicated parking place where your car must be left. Locate the sites using the map at the bottom left of the game screen. Pay attention to patrol cars when robbing other vehicles. If you get caught, the game is over. Do not hit vehicles or other objects too hard. The game will be lost again if it happens.


  • Colorful, vivid 3D graphics.
  • Complete 10 challenging levels.
  • Fun simulation game, addictive gameplay.

How to play

You can use the arrows on your keyboard or mouse to control your car.