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Phone Transform

About Phone Transform


You will see the birth of mobile phones in Phone Transform. You can drive a time machine to enjoy the experience of how your phone evolves over time.

How to play Phone Transform

You will maneuver a hand across a long platform in this 3D casual game. The phone is in your hand, and this platform has a lot of doors and windows. You wish to upgrade your current phone. The production date of the phone is the first thing you'll notice. Your phone's year may change depending on the portal you select. If you choose an era, your phone will advance in time. Your phone will be a different model if you deduct years.

The more years that pass, the more money you will make. At the start of the level, you may use this money to upgrade to a more convenient date, or you can use it to increase your chances of winning every time you make a choice. Enjoy this enjoyable game. Over time, you'll be able to observe several phone models. If you go on more dates, you could also come up with some ideas for the future of phones. Check out Geometry Dash Interphase, Tiny Clash, Santa Gifts Rescue, or FNF Mods if you're seeking more entertaining and casual games.