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Police Car Cop Real Simulator

About Police Car Cop Real Simulator


Prepare to hit the track in Police Car Cop Real Simulator. You will drive the police cars to chase the criminal cars. Will you be able to complete the mission?

Speed up in Police Car Cop Real Simulator

This game's main objective is to provide players with a thrilling racing experience in a large, exquisitely drawn open environment. Players will be able to choose from a variety of challenging racing courses in the game, including city streets and dirt roads. Additionally, you may tailor your experience by picking your preferred character and a number of brand-new, cutting-edge weaponry to utilize against your adversaries. The length of time you have to complete the mission objective is as endless as the mission itself. I sincerely hope you like playing this game a lot! There are many other games on our web. You can try The Squid Games, Knife Dash, Ball Mayhem, or FNF Mods.


  • W -Accelerate
  • S -Backward
  • A -Steer Left
  • D -Steer Right
  • C -Change Camera
  • R -Reset Car
  • Space -Jump
  • L -Shift -Sprint / Nitro
  • M -Map
  • F -Car Enter/Exit
  • I -Instructions.