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Pop It Master


About Pop It Master


Kill time with Pop It Master. This game is a great method to reduce your stress after a long day. With arcade gameplay, children also can play it.

Relax with Pop It Master

Meet Pop it Master, the well-known stress reliever! Pop It Simulator is a free game in which you must collect all 140 Pop It and Simple Dimple toys! You may alleviate tension after school or work by playing this easy game! This game with simple control and easy gameplay is suitable for all ages. This is not only a fun game in FNF Mods, but you can also attempt Super Friday Night Squid Challenge 1, Neon Rocket, Parkour Climb And Jump, Kingdom Rush, or Mine Shooter Monsters Royale.

Features of Pop It Master

  • Stress-relieving and relaxing game
  • Pop-it and Simple-Dimple shapes and colors are collected
  • Secret game mode


Click on all the bumps to open the next toy!