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Poppy Huggie Escape

About Poppy Huggie Escape


Poppy Huggie Escape is a little scary escape game for those who bravely overcome, run away from the monster behind chasing you.

Poppy Huggie Escape is a fun room escape game. You need to quickly run away from the nasty blue monster Huggy that is chasing you, dodge the obstacles in your way, run, jump and slide out of the house. You must collect every key to unlock the door; otherwise, the monster will catch you.
Therefore, you must stop looking back at the past because time is of the essence. Can you run as fast as you can and get out of this nightmare?

Today you are playing a dark game. Your goal in this platform game is to run away from the scary creature and rescue your life through the murky corridors. You must meet two conditions to do this. The first is that you have to run through the desired number of keys. The performance of your platform is the second most important factor.
Don't fall or hit with spikes, run fast and steady. Use UP ARROW KEY to jump over stools and gaps. Using the down arrow key, you can slide through tunnels full of spikes. You will succeed in the level if you have accumulated enough keys by the time you reach the end of the corridor.

Use arrow keys to move up and down