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Queen Of Pop

About Queen Of Pop


Queen Of Pop is a new rhythm game that challenges your brain and reflexes, it is sure to be a fun experience you ever play, start now!

Rock the planet with the Queen of Pop! Have you ever wished to become a famous pop star? Do you think you want to be a pop queen? So test your guitar skills and listen to all your songs!

Pop music, entertainment, music, feel, rhythm, ultrasound, simulation. Queen of pop. A brand new rhythm game that tests your memory and reflexes called Queen of Pop. It's the ideal activity to pass the time on a quiet day or improve your abilities before a big game. To succeed, you, the queen of pop, have to overcome various hurdles. To earn points, the player must sing and dance to the music.

You are given a beautiful guitar to use in this entertaining game. It can be played with ease, although this is not yet its strongest feature. See for yourself how you can rock the stage by choosing one of the many catchy pop tunes and are sure to be offered to you! Simply follow the emitter buttons on the opposite end of the guitar.

Grasp the buttons your way using the left, right and down arrow keys. You can easily come across a node that originates from a particular guitar string when it reaches the end of that string. To move the left, middle, and right strings, respectively, use the left, down, and right arrows, respectively. You can play 12 songs at three different difficulty levels. Don't skip three notes, or you'll get a bad score on the song!

How to play
For left, middle, and right chains, you can use the left, down, and right arrows.