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Rally Champion

About Rally Champion


Rally Champion is racing game. Try to outdo other racers with your highway driving talent as you compete on various tracks for the number one spot.

Hit the gas and earn a Race Champion! You can relax while playing this racing game and experience the peaceful feeling of winning. Let's join the trip now!

You won't even need to split up in a hot race thanks to realistic 3D visuals. Take part in the race with other players and experience the automatic acceleration of your car. To outsmart your competitors, all you need to do is drive cautiously and change lanes with purpose.

The left and right arrow keys can be used to tilt your car across the road. There may be sharp turns, stiff competition, and many other obstacles that require you to maintain tight control over the direction your car is going. See how you do on a series of 10 different routes now!


  • Vivid 3D graphics
  • Can play 10 separate paths
  • Interesting play controls.
  • With rewarded ads.

How to play

To tilt your car across the road, use the left and right arrow keys.