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Riot Escape


About Riot Escape


Riot Escape is an action game that lets you play as a cop or a mob escape. Perform your duty at all costs under any circumstances.

In Riot Escape, you are trying to escape to a safe location when there are a lot of people around you. Stay calm and run away now.

You will control a giant stickman in this fascinating 3D game. You are surrounded by a crowd of angry people. Regardless of the difficulty you face, you must maintain focus and keep sprinting fast. You may need to avoid some dangerous things in your way or be followed by the police.

Simply avoid the crowds and continue with caution until you reach the safe zone at the end of each level. Remember that you can join the riot squad as well as the police team. So get ready to have fun playing your part in both teams and completing the levels!


  • Colorful 3D graphics, addictive gameplay.
  • You can upgrade to new features.
  • Collect more bonuses to unlock.

How to play

To move the stickman, you can use the mouse or the WASD keys.