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Round 6: The Game

About Round 6: The Game


Round 6: The Game turns you into a player in the Squid Game. However, you will not play all the mini-games in the Squid Game. Are you ready to play this game?

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It is almost certain that this game will be among your top picks for the year if you are a fan of the Squid Game series. The moment has come to put your understanding of the subject to the test after finishing all of the stages and rounds from the original program, including levels like Red Light, Green Light, and Marble. You must finish 7 Rounds in order to complete this wonderful game, which will feature games like The Big Fight, Red Light Green Light, Marble, Squid Game, and Red Light Green Light (the last round) (the fourth round). If you want to experience more games, you can try Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, Bubble Shooter HD, FNF Mods, or Geometry Dash DarkSpirit.

Game control

  • Play with a mouse or touchscreen.
  • Press M to get a boost when battling or running from a PC.