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RPS Exclusive

About RPS Exclusive


Are you ready to compete with your friends in RPS Exclusive to prove who is the best? Now is the time for you to show your abilities. Are you brave enough to confront your friend and give him a friendly rock-paper-scissors challenge?

Goal achieved

The objective of this game is quite simple and we believe everyone knows about it. But even so, it doesn't hurt to repeat the instructions. To make sure your opponent loses the last life point, you must win each round.

To achieve this, you must manually create the shape of a stone, scissors or a piece of paper and observe the shape that your opponent has chosen. When scissors cut paper, the stone is covered with paper, which in turn crushes the scissors. Winning this game requires both skill and a bit of luck. See if you can win by starting the game now. You decided to use scissors, right?

Game control

You can use the ASD keys if you are a player. The second player can use the left, down and right arrow keys.

The game is released and is free to play at our website. Hope you will enjoy this game and experience many other games here. Wish you happy gaming!