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Run 3

About Run 3


Run 3 is an exciting and dramatic running game where you have to overcome debris while running in multidimensional tunnels, jumping over wormholes

Are you prepared to explore the magical landscape? Hello and welcome to the world of Run 3, where you can transform into an alien and explore the vast universe. Join the extraterrestrial journey by playing this game now. Your goal is to keep traveling as long as possible without reaching the bottom of the universe. To spin the entire corridor, you have to jump over or slide through some walls with holes in the rails. The up arrow is used to jump, while the left or right arrow is used to change the background. When you run and reach a certain point in the race, the number of obstacles will automatically increase. As you go up, the brown lines will disintegrate. Run as fast as you can along these roads when you arrive.

At the beginning of the game, you can earn money by getting rewards for each achievement. With the money obtained, character skins can be unlocked. On the scoreboard for Run 3 you can follow the top players. If you're new to Run 3, check the leaderboards to see where you stand and train to stay there. of rival players. If you are a master, you can compete for first place and check where you stand.

This game offers both Explore mode and Infinite Mode. When you play in Explore mode, finishing each level will make you feel like you're done, but when playing in Infinite mode you can test your bravery by running down a path never end. Choose your chosen mode to enjoy the best features of Run 3!

Enter this game using YOUR MOUSE to roll and jump as needed to avoid obstacles like debris and black holes.