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About Skydom


You are greeted by Skydom in the higher kingdom! This area is awash in dazzling gems! With several levels, you won't be able to look away from it. Are you ready to flourish as a player and complete every task?

Since diamonds are some of the most priceless objects you can see, everyone in this kingdom strives to assemble collections of them. But since you've arrived, things have gotten a little hotter. The objective of the game is to advance through each level by doing all of its varied tasks. A mouse may be used to play the game. After choosing a profile picture for yourself, continue. To start the game, align three or more similar gems vertically or horizontally. Try to acquire the required amount of gems before your movements expire as you compete against other players. To move a gem, click on it, then click on the surrounding area. By stacking stones in particular configurations, you may receive power-ups. You can view your remaining movements and the goal of the level on the left side of the screen.


  • Vivid 2D images.
  • Many different levels.
  • Many tasks to finish.
  • Rational controls.
  • Captivating and compulsive gameplay.

How to play

A mouse can be used to play this game.