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Slime Rush TD


About Slime Rush TD


Slime Rush TD is the game where you need to defend your kingdom from the attacking slime monsters, use your strategy to protect your kingdom.

Your village is under siege by spooky slimes in Slime Rush TD! Before the slime army reaches your fortress, you must stop them!

Build your army and defend

The most fragile army in the world is entering your fortress! This is an action packed tower defense game where you have to work hard to keep your town safe. Building buildings that can destroy slimy attackers will help you protect your village in this game.

Before they reach your gate, you must stop them. Locations with white flags can be used to build towers. They occupied important defensive positions against the opposition. In addition, you can strengthen your towers to increase their power.

Main quests and upgrades

Money is earned when the enemy is destroyed. Upgrade your resources by using them. You can unlock more towers as you play the game. You must act wisely and build your defense towers in key positions to eliminate them all. You lose the battle if more than ten slimes enter your stronghold. Your defense towers will also be destroyed by slime army attack on you.

Remember that as you progress through the levels, their power will also increase. On the screen, you can see where your opponent will appear. Track their attack count, your remaining life and your available resources.

How to control

You can use your mouse to join this spooky game. Before the slime army reaches your fortress, you must stop them!