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SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter

About SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter


SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter is an exciting bubble game where the object is to match smiling bubbles with three or more happy faces to pop them.

Pop bubbles with happy faces in SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter for fun! Shoot smiling heads at groups to pass levels! Enjoy the fun concept and challenging nature of several stages of the game! When the smileys start to appear, press the start button and keep an eye on your smartphone screen.

Due to the lively atmosphere and challenging levels, this excellent bubble shooting game will keep you hooked. Stop what you're doing and smile as the game steals your heart! As you explore the streets of SmileyWorld, gaining experience will help improve your aim. You should start at the easiest level if you want to feel the game. Shoot bubbles to collect presents while working towards your goal.

Shooting bubbles with bubbles of the same color is the only method to make them fall. After making successful moves to open it, a large smiley can be fired from the smiley booster on the right to free a small space. You will lose a lot of lives trying again after failing a level. Don't worry if you run out of lives; More will be added soon. You can explore the wonderful world of Smileys by achieving goals and leveling up!

How to play

You can use mouse to play this game. Click or tap once, then hold the button to aim and shoot.