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Snakes And Ladders Multiplayer

About Snakes And Ladders Multiplayer


Snakes And Ladders Multiplayer is now available. With the numerous game kinds and online multiplayer games, be ready to face off against other gamers. While avoiding the snakes that writhe and the slippery slides, can you reach the finish line before your opponent?

The objective of the game is to finish each level first. You may use a mouse to play the game. On the main menu, you have the option of local or online play. In the local mode, you play against the computer or your friends while playing against other players in the online mode. Afterward, pick a game mode. The first mode makes use of ladders and snakes, while the second mode makes use of slides. Choose a character and a final player count. You're equipped! The game comes with a board that lists the first 100 numbers. Click on the dice in the bottom-right corner of the screen toss it. Your character will move in accordance with the number you roll the dice for. You can go closer to your goal by pausing by a ladder, but you'll move back a few blocks if you stop by a slide or a snake. You receive another chance to roll the dice if you roll a 6, which might help you win the game swiftly.

How to play

Use your mouse to control the game.