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Space Prison Escape

About Space Prison Escape


In Space Prison Escape, the existence of aliens cannot be denied. In their spacecraft, two of your friends are being held captive after being abducted. It's a two-person pastime, so get a friend and sit down in front of the TV. In this multiplayer cooperative game, you must work together to free yourself from these extraterrestrial monsters' grasp.

These aliens are stupid, and their spaceship is full of difficulties! This game demands cooperation, so you'd better come up with a plan. To complete each level, you must cooperate to find the escape door, collect green gems, and solve riddles. Each character serves a certain function. The female figure can fit through tight areas and jump higher while her male counterpart can break bricks and smash crates. These small green fellas put a lot of effort into making it hard for you to escape. To open locked doors, you must first collect the keys. To remove the columns, you should press buttons. At the bottom of the screen, you can see your level, how many keys you have, and how many diamonds you have collected. Can you leave this place and go home?

How to play

Player 1 can walk about by using the WASD keys, interact with keys by hitting the F key, and leap by using the W keys. Player 2 may use the arrow keys to navigate about, the L key to lift objects, the K key to attack, and the up arrow key to leap.