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Space Run

About Space Run


Run as fast as you can in Space Run. You are running in a universe that has many unexpected dangers. Do you have to dodge them to avoid injuring your character?

Run for your life in Space Run

To get as far as you can in this game is the goal. There are many risks in space, and there are many difficulties in this game. On the main menu, select the play button to begin your cosmic exercise. Although navigating on an alien planet might initially appear difficult, the controls for this game are actually rather simple. Your character may be moved by using the arrow keys. You are being followed by a spiky wall on the left side of the screen. It must be avoided at all costs, or you will perish. Jump over space pebbles by pressing the up arrow key. Sometimes, a warning will appear on the screen. It indicates that a missile will soon arrive and bring you back to the spikes. When you are bored with this game, FNF Mods, Bubble Shooter Pro, Microsoft Jewel, and SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter are here.

Game control

Use the arrow keys to control the character.