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Speedrun Platformer

About Speedrun Platformer


Race in a new world of Speedrun Platformer. You will experience classic retro graphics. Your task is to run as fast as you can to overcome all obstacles.

Challenges in Speedrun Platformer

The game has pixel visuals, retro-gaming tunes, and other vintage characteristics. It will be difficult to put down as you negotiate the platform filled with obstacles and perils. There are a total of 40 levels, separated between perilous deserts, deep woods, dwarf tunnels, and the south pole. Each level has a three-minute time restriction. You can race over the platform to the level's finish and then through the portal. You also can challenge yourself with many games such as Bingo Blitz, Oceania, FNF Mods, Tank Zombies 3D, etc.

How to pass the stage in Speedrun Platformer

You must dodge any bats or roaming mushrooms in order to complete the stage. You only have three lives, and if you run out before the level is finished, you die. The quantity of money and jewels you acquire along the route will decide your ultimate score. You will also receive points for saving time. Let's now compare your score to that of other gamers all across the world.