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Squid Battle Simulator


About Squid Battle Simulator


Are you ready to relax your mind with Squid Battle Simulator? This game is inspired by the famous Korean movie Suid Game. Let's challenge yourself!

Squid Battle Simulator gameplay

You can control a sizable Squid army from the comfort of your own house. Control the people and things that are under your control. To wage war on the leadership, the employees, and the management, coffins should be employed. Watch how your shooters are performing their shots in comparison to the opposition. You are in control of a doll that watches for enemies and kills them if they move. Take out each and every one of your rivals. Make use of the chance to show off your tactical prowess. By showcasing your skills, you may earn the title of best general in the world. You also can show your skills in Sniper Shot: Bullet Time, Geometry Dash Transcendence, FNF Mods, or Geometry Dash Inferno.

Game control

  • WASD to move
  • Shift to speed up the movement
  • Q / E to rotate the camera
  • Left mouse button to create a unit
  • Right Mouse Button + CTRL to delete the Unit.