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Stickman Archer 2

About Stickman Archer 2


Stickman Archer 2 is a game where you use your bow to dispatch the opposition before they can finish you off. Let's show your superiority as a stick shooter. Grab your bow and quiver, then enter the arena. Due to your cool head and accurate strokes, nobody else has a chance to win this game against you.

You have a good bit of the skill needed to be a great archer. Others have confidence in their skills even when they haven't met you. In order to get a good score, your objective in this game is to remove as many opponents as you can. Keep your breath held, take a decent shot, and then let the arrow fly! To launch the game, just choose "play" from the top menu. Both you and your opponents in the game will use a variety of platforms. By clicking and dragging your cursor around the screen, you may adjust the speed and aim of the shot. As you fight adversaries, you get stars and points. You only need to fire two bullets to defeat an opponent, but you can kill them with only one if you aim for their head. By taking headshots, you get more stars and points. You may unlock new locations and character skins with the help of these stars.

How to play

You may use your finger to play this game on a mobile device. Or the mouse on your computer.