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Stickman Archer Castle

About Stickman Archer Castle


The Stickman Archer Castle kingdom is terrified as the demonic bricks of doom approach! When the monarch made a declaration, the archers had to defend. As one of those archers, draw your bow and arrow to protect the kingdom! Can you remove these floating bricks before you're destroyed yourself?

You are referred to be "eagle-eyed" by your pals because of your precision. You may make your friends pleased and convince them that you are worthy of your nickname by taking out the enemy with your sniper skills. In this game, you must destroy every block in order to prevent any blocks from passing through you. To play the game, you may use your mouse. Press the left mouse button again, click the screen, and aim as you move the cursor around. Release the left mouse button to shoot an arrow. There must be 10 hits for each block to be eliminated. Not much time is left! Since these blocks move swiftly, you must rely on your quick thinking and reflexes to stop them in time. If you are unable to destroy a block and it gets through, you will lose the game. The destiny of the kingdom is in your hands. Can you stop the invasion in time and get the support of the general public? Thanks to its engaging gameplay and 2D visuals, this game will quickly become one of your favorites. Holding your bow firmly, you maintain your focus on the horizon.

How to play

The character is controlled by clicking.