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Stickman Dismounting

About Stickman Dismounting


In the game Stickman Dismounting, put the stickman through a series of dangerous challenges. What happens when you push a cart down a steep slope? The character in the stick figure is about to find out how quickly it slides down. You can try anything, and there are a lot of fun stages and instruments to choose from. Hey, there's science involved!

Your stickman's pale appearance should not be mistaken for weakness. With its large circular head and straight limbs, this character was created specifically for it! Before pressing the play button to begin the game, don't forget to redeem your prizes by clicking the gift box symbol at the bottom of the screen. The level selection screen will appear once the play button is pressed. There are twenty distinct levels in this game, each with its own layout. The majority of these levels will be locked; however, you can unlock them with the money you earn from playing the game. Selecting a level is the first step. The game can be played with a mouse. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can change your character's position, select a stickman's vehicle, and plan your moves by looking at the level's layout. There are 11 different cars available to you. The majority will be locked, but you can unlock them all with the money you earn, just like you can with the levels. To send your stickman flying, click Start after you've prepared the scenario. As the stickman falls to the ground, he will be hurt. Your final score will be determined by how much damage he suffered. As you unlock new levels and vehicles, you can try out new combinations!

How to play

Character can be controlled with the mouse.