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Stickman Imposter

About Stickman Imposter


You will become a stickman in the game Stickman Imposter. This is a perfect combination of stickman games and Among us games. Are you ready to play this game?

Three new features in Stickman Imposter

  • You will be able to kill and eliminate any participant from the game from any distance.
  • If required, a temporary hole in the dirt can be dug and the team suffocated through it.
  • You will appear to be invisible for a short time.

The rogue will also be able to murder his opponents by inserting a pencil in their heads as if it were the usual death animation in the game. Travel to the ship and sabotage it. I hope you had a fantastic trip! If you like experiencing more kinds of games, you can visit Impostor Farm, FNF Mods, Geometry Dash Smile, and Squid Shooter.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move.