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Stumble Boys Match

About Stumble Boys Match


Welcome to the Stumble Boys Match! You have a chance to battle with other players in many different environments. Are you ready to have fun?

Compete with others in Stumble Boys Match

In the same arena, you and several other players will compete against one another. The rules for each round will be different. The player's goal is to battle hard and maintain a high fitness level during the game. Players who fail to maintain proper form during the tournament will be removed from the competition. Players will be addicted since the game features stunning graphics and realistic sound. In case, you are bored with this game, you can experience Geometry Dash iS, Stick Duel: Revenge, FNF Mods, Catch The Candy, or Geometry Dash Theory of Nothing.

Game control

  • The WASD keys for the direction of movement
  • The space bar to perform jumps.