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Super Friday Night Funki Vs Minedcraft


About Super Friday Night Funki Vs Minedcraft


Representatives from two renowned cartoon worlds will participate in a musical fight in the thrilling new game Super Friday Night Funkin Vs Minecraft.

You'll aid your hero in winning him over. On the screen, your character will be holding a microphone.

He would be positioned close to a tape recorder from which the music would emanate. Above the character, there will be arrows that start to light up in a certain order.

You must hit the control keys in the precise order they light up using the control keys. If all went according to plan, your hero would dance and sing as you triumphed in the conflict.

In the brand-new, action-packed music game Super Friday Night, you'll find both fresh competitors and resurrected foes! Let's continue our quest to win over the girlfriend's heart together with our buddy Steve, a number of creepy animals, and New Song.

Win the rap battle bar and show Daddy Dearest that you are worthy of his daughter. Let's win the Super Friday Night Funkin vs. MinedCraft matchup right away.


The goal of the game is to progress through each level by touching each arrow in its proper location in accordance with each track's ritual.


To play, use the keyboard's arrow keys or, on mobile devices, touch the colored spots.