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Super Friday Night Squid Challenge 2

About Super Friday Night Squid Challenge 2


Super Friday Night Squid Challenge 2 is a game where you need to participate in music battles to get rid of your difficulties, complete all levels to win coins.

Be prepared to play the Squid game in the Super Friday Night Squid Challenge, but this time in a unique style! To win the grand prize and cover their losses, you will help them complete all the songs in a few weeks. They lost all their money due to gambling. There will be many deaths here, but don't worry! Keep jumping so you don't miss any arrows. In this crazy game, complete all 12 levels to win amazing $38 million!

The aim of the game is to put an end to all rap and great music competitions! Can you beat the scary doll in this survival horror game? The Super Friday Night Squid Fishing Challenge will have a musical battle between them. Your avatar will be depicted as standing on a musical platform while holding the microphone on the screen in front of you. A special board with arrows will display above the main character. As soon as the music starts, your hero will start singing into the microphone. Light will be used to identify these arrows. You'll need to memorize how they do it, then press the control keys sequentially. You will win this round and advance to the next level of the challenge if you get everything right! Have a good time and good luck with your survival!

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How to play

Use Redeem or Arrow Keys