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Super Friday night Squid Chanllenge

About Super Friday night Squid Chanllenge


Super Friday night Squid Chanllenge Boyfriend and Girlfriend characters return with new adventures

- However they have lost all their gambling and now they have to play the Squid game.

- Our mission is to help them complete all the songs in different weeks to win the high prize and recover the money they lost.

- Many people will die here but don't be contemplative, keep dancing and don't miss any arrows.

- Complete 12 levels and become the winner of $38 million in this crazy game

Use mouse and keyboard arrows to play Tap the screen on mobile devices

The goal of the game is to complete each rap and breathtaking music battle!!! Can you beat the scary doll in this cold survival game? Try and show that you have the best score.

* Wish you will help 2 characters in this game get back the lost money!