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Super Friday Night VS Neon

About Super Friday Night VS Neon

How to play

Enjoy the latest installment in the hilarious Super Friday Night VS Neon series!!

The adventures in the Friday Night universe continue. This time there is no character like Neon. He will participate in musical battles, and you will help him win them. In front of you on the screen, you will see your hero standing with a microphone in his hand. A panel with arrows will display above it. On the side, you'll see a tape recorder. Music will start playing from there. The keys above the character will light up in a certain sequence. You will have to follow her and then talk with the mouse. If you did everything right, then your hero will sing a dancing song and you will get points for it.

Listen to fun music, with a brand new 3D animated background, press the buttons at the right time to accumulate scores and show off your superior gaming skills.

The game has all the characters you love, like Huggy, Sonik and many more. Experience new visuals and sounds, unique characters and countless levels from easy to difficult.

Hit the game buttons at the right time and accumulate points to show that you are the best.

All your favorite characters are here Huggy, sonik and many more are waiting for you. Enjoy the new 3D background and music with new characters and more levels from easy to hard.

Play each level using the arrow keys and WASD. On mobile, use touch game buttons