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Super Jungle World

About Super Jungle World


Are you ready for an interesting adventure in Super Jungle World? You can experience many different backgrounds in this game. Be careful of danger.

Tack the problem in Super Jungle World

In this game, you need to help your character to overcome many problems on the road. You can see many monsters which are moving. Don't touch them because they can hurt your character. Each time your character touches the monster, the blood bar will be reduced a little. When that bar runs out, the game will be over. However, you also can destroy these monsters by jumping on their heads. Avoiding them is also a good idea. There are many fruits and coins along the road. Let's go through them to collect them. In this game, you can destroy the bricks and mysterious boxes by hitting them. The game is playable on mobile and desktop. You can select many different maps. When you finish this adventure, you can relax with other games such as ArmedForces.io, Straw Hat Samurai 2, FNF Mods, Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle, etc.

Game control

Use arrow keys to control the character.