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Super Peaman World


About Super Peaman World


In Super Peaman World, explore new worlds. Kill your enemies by throwing peanuts and jumping on their heads. Collect gold coins through the levels.

On PC, mobile and iPad browsers, you can play the free online adventure game Super Peaman World, inspired by Mario Games. This game has received a 5-star rating from 90% of gamers and is a most loved adventure game, always at the top of the charts.

The pea child will be the main character of the game. This quirky hero decides to embark on a journey outside of his hometown because he loves adventure. Pea's journey to a kingdom follows a path very similar to the Mushroom Kingdom in the Super Mario universe.

Along the way you will encounter many challenges, try to resist the things that stand in your way. As you pass each level, smash the bricks with your skull to get points, and hit the question mark bricks to collect coins from them as well as any other coins you may discover. Breakable.Collect coins to buy a new turtle and improve your health and complete the adventure.


There are 32 levels across 3 separate Worlds that must be completed to win.


  • Move =WASD/ arrow keys
  • Press F = throw peanuts