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Swing Man

About Swing Man


Swing Man is an addictive fun swing game. In this game you have to pass all the cards as fast as Flying Man, keep an eye on the surrounding terrain.

Ever wanted to move around obstacles by swinging on the ground like Spider-Man? Today you are extremely lucky to know this game. To complete each level, just tap the screen to let the minifigure swing to the finish line with its rope.

As a superhero boy, you will have to spread your spider's web all over the city. With your superpowers, navigating the city is easy. You can overcome challenges and perform incredible maneuvers across the city with a skillful touch and a firm grip on the rope. Remember that the more splendidly you spin and fly, the more you will find and save the various nooks and crannies of the city!

Upgrade your character

Earn coins to buy more clothes, ropes or characters and keep playing until every item is unlocked. You can pass the levels by trying to cross the finish line first. Are you ready yet?

Simple gameplay

  • Tap struggles to jump
  • Hold grapple, hook your character, then let go
  • Avoid all obstacles that stand in your way
  • Swing flexible between grappling
  • Use the mouse to play


  • Swinging like a spider
  • At the end of each game, dozens of attractive and fun characters dance.
  • At the bottom, you can launch a counterattack by showing surprise.
  • Improve running skills
  • High quality sound and eye-catching graphics.