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Tap Tap Shots


About Tap Tap Shots


Tap Tap Shots is a fun basketball game that requires you to use your mouse to hold and lift the ball into the upper basket, but with a time limit.

This is what basketball fans are supposed to live in. Do you want to throw the highest to win this game? This game at first glance seems quite simple. You will lose if you do not know how to handle and toss the ball.

In contrast to other basketball games, Tap Tap Shots requires only one player to pass the ball into the upper goal. In addition, you can invite your friends to play with you and compete for points.

The ball can be moved with one touch until it reaches the target by moving in the direction of the game. The clock at the top will notify if you missed and the ball will return from the opposite side for you to play again. You can keep accumulating points if you complete it within the allotted time and move on to the next level.

After you score, a new grid is created at the new position, starting a never-ending cycle that lasts until you run out of time.

You are familiar with this game; Start working to achieve a challenging high score.

Time your photos fairly and quickly before the deadline expires. If you miss, you should try again immediately, but beware - you're not done yet!


To put the ball in the upper basket, you just need to press and hold the mouse.