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Tetra Blocks

About Tetra Blocks


Tetra Blocks is a challenging puzzle game with many different block shapes, you need to match them quickly before it falls down to score points.

Join this exciting game on our site and start playing. To play Tetris style, stack blocks on top of each other. For the most points, pack your blocks as tightly as possible. As you progress in this entertaining online game, keep dumping blocks and try to play for as long as possible.

Play an entertaining combination of traditional sudoku and modern block games to exercise your brain and solve puzzles! To collect all target star pieces in challenge mode, drag and drop blocks into jigsaw and match 9 vertical columns, 3x3 squares or other combinations! Or try high score mode to see how many points you can get.


  • Can choose your theme (relaxing beach, classic blue felt or tactile wood).
  • Use Boosters if you get stuck.
  • Lots of different levels for you to relax comfortably.
  • Strategy game.

How to play

Use WD keys to move left or right, press SPACEBAR to drop falling blocks.