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The Aviator

About The Aviator


You will have the opportunity to fly a plane in The Aviator. Your mission is to help it avoid red meteors and collect crystals. Are you ready for the flight?

Fly an aircraft in The Aviator

To dodge the red meteors, pilot the airplane. To recharge your batteries, get the blue energy stones. The plane can also be improved by using these crystals. You can see some stats on the screen. When the circle of level is full, you will level up. Moreover, you also can see an energy bar on the screen. This game offers three skins for you. The first skin is available. However, two other skins need to be unlocked. This airplane game is a lot of fun to play. Continue reading to the very end! When you are bored with flying the aircraft, you can move to play Balls Lines Colors, Uphill Rush 9, Ninja Hero Runner, or FNF Mods.

Game control

Swipe the mouse to control the aircraft.