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The Lost Pyramid

About The Lost Pyramid


Have fun with your friends through The Lost Pyramid game. You will discover the mysteries in a pyramid. Be careful with the dangers in the pyramid.

The Lost Pyramid gameplay

This game is a challenging two-player puzzle game in which you must find the hidden treasure in the pyramid. Each player controls a different character with their own set of powers to use to overcome challenges and uncover the secrets of the Egyptian masterpiece. Although the game can be played alone, the dual keyboard controls make it ideal for playing with friends and family! This game is designed with HTML5 technology. Therefore, you can play it on a mobile device or desktop. As you know, this game is ideal to play with your friend. However, your friend is busy and he doesn't have leisure time to play. Don't worry, you can move to 1-player games such as FNF Mods, Geometry Dash DarkSpirit, Om Nom Bounce, Yummy Cupcake, etc.

Game control

  • The girl: WASD to move
  • The boy: Arrow keys to move.