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Traffic Tour


About Traffic Tour


Traffic Tour is a highway game, moving faster in backups can boost your score. Find your path through vehicles and trucks along a straight roadway. You may choose from a large selection of fashionable sports cars and drive them across a range of highways and terrains. In this exhilarating driving game, be ready to fly through the air!

In this magnificent racing and driving game, you'll be thrown right into the middle of an intense race. Before you begin, choose your car and open the characteristics you want to add. You may either use your current coins or watch paid advertising to obtain more coins to unlock other features like greater power, turbo speed, better brakes, etc. Due to the captivating 3D images, a 360-degree view of the car you created is also available. Next, decide whether you want to try out free driving or compete against other cars by selecting the game option. Be calm and make an effort to utilize every mode if you have what it takes to be a competent driver.


  • Real-world-looking 3D visuals.
  • Several options for upgrades and vehicle kinds.
  • 4 different game types.
  • Bonuses and incentives are provided.
  • Try your luck at winning different rewards.

How to play

WASD is used to spin the vehicle.