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Trollface Quest: Horror 1

About Trollface Quest: Horror 1


Trollface Quest: Horror 1 is a game where spooky creatures start to prowl in the night sky. It is your responsibility to trick some of those monsters. Do you have what it takes to beat this troll at his own game?

TrollFace has prepared an assignment for you as Halloween draws near. If you're ready to cope with frightening characters, click the play button on the main menu to start this thrilling journey. Similar to the previous games in the series, the objective of this one is to solve the puzzles by selecting the suitable things in each stage. You may use your mouse to play this game. There are 16 distinct levels to select from while playing. Only the first level is available when you start, but as you solve tasks, the others become accessible. You'll encounter a variety of people as you go through the levels, from vicious gremlins to Samara. To find a solution, click on various elements within a level. Sometimes you have to use other combinations. At some points, you must click on the same object repeatedly. If you're feeling stuck, don't worry! Use the clues button at the top of the screen to get the answer. Can you progress through the levels while demonstrating to TrollFace your superior intellect?

How to play

Use your mouse to control this game.