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Trollface Quest: Horror 3

About Trollface Quest: Horror 3


Trollface Quest: Horror 3 is returning with another gruesome odyssey in the Trollface Quest series. How did you succeed when things became tougher? Can you decipher all the codes and beat this notorious practical joker at his own game using your inventive problem solving skills?

You may try out a few new activities that Trollface has prepared for you. The same as in the last episode of this well-liked series, all you need to play this game is a mouse and your wits. Simply click on the objects or people in the scenario in the right order and at the right times. If the characters end up in terrible situations or pass away, you're not acting properly. When people laugh at these absurd situations, everything is OK. Because all that matters is that dumb laugh! Oh, and don't worry if you get stuck. To get help, click the hint symbol up top. What do you say? Do you think you have what it takes to win this mental battle and drive the Trollface from your life?


  • Engrossing and challenging gameplay.
  • Many spooky levels to complete.
  • Basic controls.
  • Many figures from popular culture.

How to play

Click your mouse to control.