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Tunnel Runner

About Tunnel Runner


You will run continuously in the pipeline of the game Tunnel Runner. You avoid all the obstacles on the way. You can pick up shields to protect yourself.

Conquer Tunnel Runner

Do you have what it takes to be the best tunnel runner? Race at breakneck speed through more than a thousand different tunnels and along pipes while dodging anything in your way. You may defend yourself by assembling shields and using them effectively. This game can be playable on mobile or desktop because HTMLT technology is designed in this game. Children can play this game to enhance their reflexes. Are you ready for an interesting adventure in the tube? When you finish this adventure, you can join in many other journeys in Droid O, Archery Training, Squid Coloring Book, FNF Mods, and Catch Dots.

How to control

  • On the desktop use the mouse to rotate and the space bar to flip.
  • On mobile tap the edges of the screen to rotate.