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Water Sorting Puzzle

About Water Sorting Puzzle


Water Sorting Puzzle is challenging all players in the world. Your mission is to pour the same color of water into a glass. How many levels can you pass?

Your task in Water Sorting Puzzle

Sort liquids into cups based on their water color and then pour the various colored liquids into the cups. The same color should be used to fill each cup. Although the water color sort puzzle's user interface is straightforward, it is simple to use and may be a terrific exercise in reasoning. As you add more colors and cups, the water connects the puzzle's level of complexity rises. With rich and varied water color puzzles, you may test yourself! Enjoy this puzzle about water! If you can conquer all the levels of this game, Penalty Kick Target, Fruit Ninja, Residence of Evil Quarantine, FNF Mods, and Elon Cars: Online Sky Stunt will challenge you.

Game control

  • If you play on mobile, touch the screen to play.
  • If you play on a desktop, use the mouse to play.