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Witch Killer

About Witch Killer


Fight the beasts of the jungle in the Witch Killer. You will have to prove that you are the strongest warrior. The game will give you many emotions.

Beat enemies in Witch Killer

As you combat hordes of creatures from the depths of the forest, take on the role of "Wolf," a renowned monster slayer on his final quest to restore his reputation and establish himself as the most dreaded of his kind. Double-tap the jump button two times to double-jump. Kill anything that gets in your way to raise your score and gather cash to upgrade power-ups that have been hidden around the darkened forests. Don't feel sorry for them. Playing at a lightning-fast pace! You have a chance to experience excellent graphics. You also have a chance to play other games with impressive graphics such as Pretty Avatar Maker, Space Rescue, Just Farm, FNF Mods, Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures, etc.

Game control

  • Press buttons on the screen to perform actions.
  • Double-tap the jump button to jump higher.