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Wrestler Rush

About Wrestler Rush


You will become a professional wrestler in Wrestler Rush. You have to fight your opponent in the stands. Use your skills to defeat your opponents.

Beat opponents in Wrestler Rush

Attack your opponent with all of your might and take them on like a professional wrestler. You must avoid your opponents while striking them down hard to win. Keep an eye out for anything that can impede you from getting to the ring. You may navigate the screen with your mouse to avoid obstacles and gather crystals. At the level's conclusion, you must bash your opponent's head into the wall. To move and interact with your hero, simply click and drag. Once the game is over, you can demonstrate your strength in front of others. Holding down the left mouse button for two seconds will allow you to drag your character. Enjoy your time! You also can have a relaxing time with Raymans Incrediballs Dodge, Ubisoft All Star Blast!, FNF Mods, Geometry Dash The Beach, and Hawaii Match 3.

Game control

Use the left mouse button to strafe your character.