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Bricks Breaker

About Bricks Breaker


Bricks Breaker is a fun game where you destroy bricks. You will reduce the numbers on the bricks. Enjoy the satisfying feeling of seeing the bricks disappear!

Clear all bricks in Bricks Breaker

The number of balls at the beginning of each level is fixed. That number is one in the unending mode. In the fundamental mode, there are fifty. By finishing specific stages, you can earn more balls. They are round, neon-white emblems that are surrounded by brickwork. With each move, the bricks can be moved a little. When they get to your starting line, they will stop moving. Sometimes the balls may appear to be trapped and unable to drop. If this occurs, you may click the button below to get them back right away. Watch a quick advertisement to start the level with fifty more balls. At every level, you may earn stars to acquire diamonds. You may also buy short-term power enhancements using diamonds. If you want to play more kinds of games, you can move to Gun Fest, Video Game Tycoon, FNF Mods, or Bridge Of Doom.

Game control

Use the mouse to play this game.