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Gun Fest

About Gun Fest


Welcome to Gun Fest. Your mission is to destroy all the bad guys on the way. Grab your weapons and take out the bad guys. Will you complete the mission?

Shoot all enemies in Gun Fest

How many firearms do you own? In the arcade game Gun Fest, you may purchase weapons. People that resemble stick figures frequently steal money from banks. Please use your weapons to take down as many evil men as you can and wreck their vehicles. Numbered walls come in three different materials: stone, tile, and brick. Your firearms will perform better against blue walls. Your weapons will be less effective against red walls or perhaps fail. The orange walls will have random numbers on them. This game isn't suitable for you. Don't worry, you have many other options such as Video Game Tycoon, FNF Mods, Stickman Planks Fall, Round 6: The Game.


Slide to move weapons.