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Stickman Planks Fall

About Stickman Planks Fall


Stickman Planks Fall is an entertaining game where you can participate in a unique race. You can collect planks and create a route to defeat your opponents!

Prepare to accelerate in Stickman Planks Fall

Who will succeed in rising to the top? You may get going on your race and look around the course. Bring the boards along. Always keep extra boards on hand for emergencies. These may be utilized to develop new flying routes and shortcuts. You may use them to shorten your travel distance or make it further. Win by keeping your focus on your destination! While traveling, be careful to get your gold keys and skins. To learn how to maintain these skins, see brief commercials. The keys can also be used to open treasure chests. To keep your position at the top of the leaderboard, you may enhance your character's speed and start logs. In case you aren't interested in this game, you can try Round 6: The Game, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, Bubble Shooter HD, or FNF Mods.

Game control

Use your mouse or WASD to move around.