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About Cuphead


Cuphead is a unique running game. This game has some features different from other running games. Come and pass over all levels of this game.

Turn into Cuphead

In this game, you will turn into Cuphead who is the main character of the game. You will run and jump to reach the exit gate. However, in the beginning, the exit gate won't appear. You have to collect enough coins to see the gate. The road you have to run is also very short and you even can see the road. You will run on it many times.

Go through the exit gate in Cuphead

On the road, you may see spikes with can hurt your character. Let's jump over them and jump on many stairs in the air. With easy gameplay and simple control, children can play this game. They also can experience some games like fnf mods and Neon Guitar. Good luck to you.

Game control: click the mouse to jump.