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FNF Ben's Adventure

About FNF Ben's Adventure


Eliminate opponents with your talent in FNF Ben's Adventure. This is one of the most famous versions of FNF game systems. Come and enjoy the music now!

The FNF Ben's Adventure mod includes these many tasks to be completed. During the first week of the relationship, the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend will finally meet for the first time on the station platform. There, they will discuss the trajectory of their love through the lens of music as it moves forward. The song "Promise" will serve as the backdrop for the rap battle that will take place. Alteration in the tone for week two, as Boyfriend will be obliged to perform in order to rescue his friends from HighJinx, a subreddit notorious for its hate of certain Friday Night Funkin' moderators. Boyfriend will be able to save his friends by performing. HighJinx has Boyfriend's close friends locked up in a cage and is holding them hostage. Sing along with the ridiculous "HiJinx" music, and utilize your unstoppable flow to take down the huge mascot who is now holding you in his hand.

Two parts in FNF Ben's Adventure

In the first round of the tournament, a couple meets at a petrol station. Through the music, the two promised to have a future together. This competition features upbeat and lively music.

In the follow-up, several of the boyfriend's buddies have been taken, hostage. To overcome his adversaries and save his comrades, he must harness the power of melody. The showdown is more dramatic and frantic because of the mood fluctuations in the second week.


  • There are two new tracks.
  • Personalized backgrounds.
  • Excellent rendition of the soft aesthetics.
  • The second song has an unexpected twist.
  • This is music gameplay, so you can play the game and listen to great music at the same time.
  • To conquer this game, you need to use your agility and reaction.
  • It is better to play the game in full-screen mode. This mode can give you a better game experience in almost games such as fnf mods, FNF Poppy Funktime vs Bunzo Bunny Mod and Neon Guitar.

How to play

  • To play, you may either use the WASD buttons or the arrow buttons.
  • To leave, use the ESC key.
  • To adjust the volume level, either press the (+) or (-) button.
  • To begin or halt the recording, use the Enter key.