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FNF Vs. Selever

About FNF Vs. Selever


Beat a new opponent in FNF Vs. Selever. Challenge your musical knowledge and sensibility. Reaction and agility are necessary factors to get a victory.

Explore a new enemy this week

The following week's battle in the fnf mods series is called FNF Vs. Selever. He is the most formidable foe this week. With white, untidy hair in a ponytail and an amazing stick-figure appearance, he. His wings and horns are also black. He's got huge shoes and a pink top on. Many big opponents are waiting for you in FNF VS Tabi, FNF vs Pibby vs Corrupted BF, Blueballed Fight for Control Mod.

Combat through 4 songs corresponding with 4 stages in FNF Vs. Selever

  • Demonila: This song is a great opener. By taking this exam, you may improve your understanding of how to play FNF Online.
  • Casanova: The character Selever composed a bizarre piece of music for this scene. Boyfriend has to handle it.
  • Attack: Engage the opponent head-on. Your abilities will be put to the test in this harder stage. To go through it, your attention must be increased.
  • With Selever's irrational rage, there is an intense conflict in Attacklovania. Demonstrate your abilities and create your own winning methods.